Father God of the Bible,
You are the Lord of heaven and this earth and we invite Your majesty to
come and help each request that comes into this group. Father we thank You
that through Jesus Christ salvation comes forth and releases healing touches
to each and every body. Father Your word is alive and powerful Heb 4:12 and
You said to come to Your throne, so we ask You great and mighty judge
to hear our petitions. Father You said we have not because we ask not;
Jesus you said to ask in Your name and our Father would do it for us.
We praise for healing each believer, spiritually, physically and emotionally.
For man has a spirit, mind and a soul.
Father we stand in the gap and we ask that if any of us have committed sins
that You forgive us and restore us.
Thank You for the unity and harmony that You are bringing into the lives of the
true believers. Father we thank You for bringing one accord and
power of the gospel as in the days of Pentecost.
Father we give You praise an thanksgiving.
We know we have it because you said if Your word abides in us and
we abide in You that we can ask whatsoever and You will give it to us. (John 15:7)
In Jesus we pray.

Please add your Prayer needs to the Power of Prayers Book
and Please come back each day to pray for those in here.
With your prayers God will meet every need. Of this I am sure!

For those that come and add junk to this Prayer Book I hope that you know it is removed very soon after
so why waste your time like such a foolish person.
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please pray for my daughter Margaret who has been ill for many years with Parkinson,s and chronic spinal pain, and cannot ever leave her chair.Thank you God.
30 June 2015 06:33am

pray for the right door in preaching ministry and job to open for me. Pray also God reveals to me what to do next. pray for my mom and for family to protected from evil. Last, pray for financial blessings and for me to find a wife soon....
18 June 2015 11:14pm

A job
I am requesting a prayer for a job, I just got laid off and I am in need of a job. I graduated with a master degree and haven't been able to find a job that goes with my career. Please pray for my family. We are going through a big difficult financial problem, debts and and rents, amen
3 May 2015 04:53pm

Please pray for my military test. I'm taking the test in an hour or less. I need to pass this test to secure my kids future, I put my faith on it. I see myself in uniform. God I love you please help , please pray
20 April 2015 01:56pm

Prayer Request for William's Crankiness
Prayer Request for William's Crankiness

For William who has been sick and very cranky, but to a very painful point to his partner. May God let him come to his senses so he doesn't drive her away too.
7 April 2015 08:59pm

Dying Atheist Uncle
I have an uncle whose doctors have just informed the family that he has inoperable brain cancer (the most aggressive kind) and give him 1 -7 weeks to live, but could die at anytime. The brain cancer is quickly changing his ability to think and understand some things, including not even asking yet why he's in the hospital. My uncle and his whole family are atheists. Please pray for salvation and healing. THANK-YOU
7 April 2015 08:00am

Urgent prayer
Dear God I ask for a change in my career, I ask that I get the job that I applied for. I am grateful for my current job, but I really need a change.

In Jesus name. Thank you.
4 April 2015 03:27am

please pray for my husband to be delivered from addiction with alcohol, drugs, lust, and any other temptations that come his way; i pray his heart be softened to ask for help from the Lord and people who God has put in his way, that he has a desire to live a life without drugs and alcohol.
28 March 2015 03:03pm

healing for cancer
Please pray that my mum is healed miraculously from cancer which has occurred in her colon and abdomen. Please also pray that the blockage in her colon is reversed so that she does not require surgery.
21 March 2015 01:21am

james w.
pray God reveals completly to me his will for my life. Pray he helps a door opens for me and things get better financial and other wise. Finally pray for me to find a wife a godly young lady to be my wife soon.
15 March 2015 04:06am

Prayer Request for R & R
Prayer Request for R & R

Please help us pray for the love between R & R. The well has run dry for this anointed relationship.
13 March 2015 11:32pm

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