Father God of the Bible,
You are the Lord of heaven and this earth and we invite Your majesty to
come and help each request that comes into this group. Father we thank You
that through Jesus Christ salvation comes forth and releases healing touches
to each and every body. Father Your word is alive and powerful Heb 4:12 and
You said to come to Your throne, so we ask You great and mighty judge
to hear our petitions. Father You said we have not because we ask not;
Jesus you said to ask in Your name and our Father would do it for us.
We praise for healing each believer, spiritually, physically and emotionally.
For man has a spirit, mind and a soul.
Father we stand in the gap and we ask that if any of us have committed sins
that You forgive us and restore us.
Thank You for the unity and harmony that You are bringing into the lives of the
true believers. Father we thank You for bringing one accord and
power of the gospel as in the days of Pentecost.
Father we give You praise an thanksgiving.
We know we have it because you said if Your word abides in us and
we abide in You that we can ask whatsoever and You will give it to us. (John 15:7)
In Jesus we pray.

Please add your Prayer needs to the Power of Prayers Book
and Please come back each day to pray for those in here.
With your prayers God will meet every need. Of this I am sure!

For those that come and add junk to this Prayer Book I hope that you know it is removed very soon after
so why waste your time like such a foolish person.
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Prayer Request for William
Prayer Request for William

For William who is treating Aers terribly in the most quiet way out of fear. May God show him how much pain this is causing her and that this is not His way. May his heart be open and softened so he can clearly see what damage this is doing to their relationship so that they may have this Valentines Day as a real new beginning.

Thank you.
27 January 2015 10:49pm

for my mother
As I sit with my mom right now in the hospital room I am asking that her journey to heaven is a peaceful one. She is still here even though they didn't think she would make it through the night and that was 6 days ago. Just asking for prayers that her death is peaceful one
26 January 2015 07:32am

for the people who come here for prayer
Heavenly Father,
I bow before Your Throne to call attention to the prayer request on this site that Jimmy has so carefully designed,a place where those with a need can call the attention to those who would pray for them. Father,bless Jimmy for caring enough for others that he would prepare this prayerbook for us.
Lord God, there are many request listed on this webpage. Each of them has a real need , some that we don't understand, but Father we know that You understand. I pray that You will especially see the families who have children and are having financial problems. I pray that every child has a warm place to sleep and never goes to bed hungry. Many times I see men and women sleeping under bridges,on the sidewalks near a building to protect them from the cold or cluttered on embankments. Help us as a nation to solve that serious problem. I ask that You see each prayer and solve them according to Your perfect will.
Father, I also would pray for our Country now that men and women are grooming themselves to run for office, for the opportunity to make the decisions to lead our country. Give us the wisdom to eliminate the ones who would not lead our country by Your instructions so that our children and grandchildren will know this country as we did when we were growing up, "The Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave, One Nation Under God."
I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for watching over us and for hearing our prayers and fulfilling our request.
25 January 2015 12:37pm

I would like to pray for my son in law who just received a 25 year sentence. I pray that our Father in heaven will give me the wisdom and knowledge how to prepare his 3.850 to appeal his sentence in Jesus name I pray.
23 January 2015 01:44pm


Please pray for my friend, Garett. He has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He is young and just got done with school, and has just started working. Please pray that God will heal him completely. Thank you.
22 January 2015 10:03pm

I am inlove with my husband but lately he has been distance from me i think hes seeing someone else, I dont want anything or anyone to come bewteen us we have been together for 18yrs and hes the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, I am asking for Prayers to bring us back to where we use to be and for him to stay away from this lady and this lady to stay away from him.
19 January 2015 09:41am

Please Pray my Sociopathic Son finds God
My son is a sociopath in his twenties and down a path of sin. He has caused alot of pain in my and my families lives. For those of you that don't know what a sociopath is, here is just a little info. The sociopath has no guilt, no remorse, no sympathetic feelings for anyone they have hurt in any kind of way. They are often violent, unlawful, and often should be rightfully feared by others. Besides all of this, a mother still loves her child. We desperately need your prayers before he harms someone terribly or possibly even tragically. God Bless All who hear my plea! 62
16 January 2015 03:43pm

Prayer Request for William
For William to be completely faithful, loyal and respectful to his God given partner. May God show him how and reveal to him the importance of this now and for their future. No one ever taught him. A good example was lacking in his life.
14 January 2015 08:11pm

Debra R
god of heaven and earth I come humbly to your throne today asking for a promotion to c&e job vacancy I pray to get it as I am so fed up with with my present job my heart is pained with hurt and despair to work in my present job those supervisors wicked inhumane heartless god I hope that the measures they put out and look at down on workers that you grant them 40 times back to their lives for their wicked ways lord I ask that you make a way for me to live in peace and prosperity and abundance for the rest of my life I am tired of being poor and people looking down on you taking advantage lord please help so I can be a blessing to others in Jesus name I pray from my heart full of love to give to your most holy heart thank you lord. amen
14 January 2015 10:27am

me and my marriage
lord supreme I come to your holy throne of grace asking for you to bless my marriage my husband is constantly ignorant with bad vibes please give him a spiritual make over full of love giving sharing caring wisdom and understanding to be the head of this family i am overwelm with stress and this makes me so unhappy at times in Jesus name I pray for help that comes from you lord forever grateful amen.
14 January 2015 09:51am

Help me with my bills
12 January 2015 06:59pm

To heal and get well
My step dad is in the hospital with breathing problems and he has bladder cancer. Please pray for him and rest of my family for speedy recovery.
11 January 2015 11:59am

Prayer Request for BL and ER
For BL and ER's relationship. The new deeper love of these two just recently has gone dry (strong spiritual warfare because of the beauty of it). May God revive it so they can come to life again and bring this special light they have to others. May God remove all obstacles for this love to grow…including "friends". And may God give them healthy alone time which they so desperately need.
9 January 2015 07:54pm

8 January 2015 07:40am

Please pray for me and my brother. God open his heart towards me. God help him have compassion to me. Send someone to help him find salvation. I need his help financially. I urgently need now.
4 January 2015 00:17am

I have recently lost my job. I have interviewed with a company 3 times now. I really need this job. I think it would be a good fit for me. Please pray that I receive a job offer for this position very soon. Thanks
3 January 2015 07:31pm

Divorce issues
After 14 years of marriage, I'm divorving my husband, Jorge, due to extreme pornography addiction. My son, Lucss, 13 years young is being manipulated by his dad who is very angry because I put an order for child support in the courts due to lack of financial support. Mind you that this man is a federal agent. Besides his addiction, he is very controlling and has emotionally abused me. My son has been extremely disrespectful towards me even as I have him under psychological treatment. Please, put them in prayer so they can see the light and have a change of heart. I have tried reaching out but to no avail. I'm not angry and I'm ready to move on. However, my son's behavior worries me because I don't want him to grow up thinking he can treat women like he treats his mom. I have put this situation in God's hands. I trust God with all my heart and wait patiently for a solution, but I also know that the prayer of many is stronger than one. I ask God to forgive and guide Jorge with his addiction and control as well to help him with this anger towards me. I ask for guidance, mercifulness, and understanding for my son. That we can all move on peacefully and get along at least for my son's sake....help and pray for us. I ask for blessings and guidance, but for my son's love most of all!! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! I believe in him and trust him. AMÉN!
30 December 2014 08:04pm

For the first time in my life I have found a woman who I am convinced is my true love. But there are a lot of hindrances like her former relationship and cultural differences. I pray to god that I continue strong in prayer without wavering till I end up with her. I submit myself to the will of god
30 December 2014 11:24am

Health / Protection / Finances
Father God, I pray for the health and protection of my family. Please keep them safe in this world of uncertainty. Provide us with health and strength so that we can continue to live in your name.

I pray for my finances to get better so that I can provide a home for my family. A place for my mom not to be ashamed of.

In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
29 December 2014 06:00am

Financial Need
I'm in need of financial blessing. I have worked for the same company with no raise. I drive 45 minutes each way to work and home. I am single with a single income. My daughter in another state needs financial help with doctor bills and school bills. I'm struggling and need to have car maintenance. I need to go to the dentist.I need help and I want to help my daughter as well
26 December 2014 05:34pm

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